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Full Version is released

Meta:  https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/8752849024786000/

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1331510

Join Discord : https://discord.gg/f4dmSG9

Current Version: V10P6

manual Installation Instruction:

1. download both apk and oob files

2. install the apk (via SideQuest or ADB)

3. put the oob file in this path: /sdcard/Android/obb/com.CrossLink.SAO/

PS: you may need to create the folder manually, and don't rename the oob file

What is Battle Talent:

Battle Talent: Fighter Training Simulator is a VR action game with Advanced Physics that satisfies your Combat Fantasy.  Let’s train yourself like a Warrior !

It is suitable for:

  • players who like Creative Combat
  • like to Workout in VR
  • Challenge and Roguelite lover
  • VR enthusiast who wants to try Advanced Physics


  • Advanced Physics: brings you accurate collision, climb, physics feedbacks and sounds, badass weapons and enemies…
  • Rich Combat Selections: aerial combo, deflect, knock down,  grab, throw, dismember, shoot, magic…
  • Unique Weapons: many weapons have special skills, such as summoning lighting and ice
  • Roguelite Levels: massive seamless dungeon and lots of enemies, room events, loots waiting for you
  • Progress: you can earn coins and unlock new abilities and weapons in store as you played
  • Multiple Languages and Brutal Settings Supported


  • It is not easy to make a personal investment for two years, there is no form of crowdfunding, please join our Discord community, share, add a wish list to support us
  • The demo version only contains 90% of Trailer content
  • The image quality of Quest version is not exactly the same as Trailer
  • Seeking translation volunteers, your name will be shown in credits
  • We will checkout reviews and Discord almost everyday, please let us know if you have any disappointment or suggestion.
  • Before you start to play, make sure there are no people or monitor around you, In case of tragedy.


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

BattleTalent.apk 95 MB
main.19.com.CrossLink.SAO.obb 1 GB

Development log


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Great game! Keep up the good work!👍

make a PCVR demo please!


please download it via steam

found the steam demo after posting, it's fun!

i tried and it didn't work 

Amazing game kinda like it more than blades and sorcery would like there to be armour you can get and a multiplayer option would be amazing but keep up the good work  i play on the meta quest 2 how can I go about buying the full version when released will it be in the app store or do I have to get it from sidequest and is there a time frame of when the full version may be released I'll be looking forward to buying it when the full version is ready

does it work with htc vive by chance?

of course, please download the game from steam, this apk is for quest only

Fonzie, Our lord and saviour Fonzie, You are an absalute GOD for making such a great game

battle talent is a great game honestly but I do have some ideas for the game. First I think you should add new opponents and levels each level getting more difficult than the last. Also, there should be a final boss at the end of the game like a dragon or a Cyclopes. When you fight the boss eventually you will see weak points to strike in order to advance. A new monster idea would be servants of the final boss or downgraded versions. For instance if the dragon was the final boss I would recommend winged serpents or big snakes with poisonous barbs at the end of their tail. If the Cyclopes was the final boss then I would recommend ogres of some sort. Finally I think more music would be needed if the game were to get bigger. I know it’s A TON to request but you don’t have to do anything I said.

thanks for your advices. this is a demo,  for more contents, please wait for the full version.

If you don't mind me asking, how do you install the APK? For me it doesnt show up as a downloadable file, and I can only open it with Notepad

please check out the manual Installation Instruction in the store page, you could use sidequest or adb to install an apk file

Hey, I would like to help with Brazilian Portuguese translation for the game if needed, hit me up on my discord if you want to talk about that! 


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Hey! Good game, thanks for it!

I am trying to update it to the new version, but it escapes me where could I get an apk file. I see only an *.obb in downloads(

oh, please check again

Yep, now I see it. Thank you!


This is a really great game, but I do have a suggestion for the controls. Like the X and A on the controllers. You could use those for the spells but you would still have to unlock it like you have to do on the normal game. It just annoys me that there isn't an action for X and A. This is only my opinion.

Will Updates still be releaseing on ITCH? I'm hoping so as I'm trying to avoid using the Oculus store as I have mostly de-facebooked my device.

Awesome game by the way so much fun playing with the physics, kind of feels like boneworks mixed with blade and sorcery and it can run standalone on the quest! Will Probably donate some more when the next updates rolls around cheers! :) 

yes, should be released in this week

So glad to hear :)

Best game so far, when new update will be release?

thanks, it should be released in this month

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thanks for your ideas



wow i just played this I cant believe its free this shit is better than blade and sorcery.  would be cool if you added more enemies and weapons but overall 10/10  would recommend!

thanks, more contents are coming

How can i get in sandbox mode on oculus 2?

can i play it on the oculus rift S?

yes, via steamvr

when i download it and upload it to my quest it never shows up in unknown sources

I have no idea

will you ever put on sidequest? because i can do that


ok the mods menu just dont work , i dont know how to download it where i take the files i just dont know please make a good video of how do it with all of the step very all of the step

clearly identify as useless and insignificant as the steps may seem explain all I am asking you

These are in the devlog. Next time atleast try to look around before just assuming they didnt try, K?


i hate this i cant download


I hope it will launch on applab soon, I've submited it five weeks ago


i think its a good idea if you do a video of how install and running the mod menu and how use 0.0.7 version please


thanks for reminding, I'll make one

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My game doesn't have a Mods folder in the data folder. And yes I have double checked it I am on 0.0.7

the Mods folder needs to be created by yourself at the first time, I'll fix this in the next version

i downloaded it but i cant pla

was there any error code?


so i downloaded it but how do I find where to start it?


you need to sideload it to your quest

(1 edit)

how do u do that

please google it


i cant play it help me

please descripe the issue you encounted

i Download it but nothing  happens i cant play it but can you make a app lab virgin

I submited it 3 weeks ago

ok but when will it be out

when i download it it goes away and idk how to open and play


you need to sideload the apk file


This is easily the most fun I've had with a melee battle game in VR yet! These physics are amazing, you can really just do whatever comes to mind and tear it up!

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does anyone know how to play the game after u download it


you could install this by sideloading to your quest

when i open the game on my quest 2 it just loads


does anyone know how to download this game on my quest?

i cant seem to download the apk can it be converted to a zip file

You should watch a yt video explaining how to install CX file explorer from your android phone to your headset.


Hey there, if you are still interested in getting your game translated, please, let me know.
I can translate from English to Spanish.

thank you so much, please contact me via discord: https://discord.gg/f4dmSG9

Deleted 188 days ago


I came from the B&S bandwagon but never got a chance to play it in the Quest 2. I saw this via sideload, downloaded it, and loved it instantly! :D

I came back to the wishlist on Steam, Donate and check when the final version or early release would happen. I love the game, and I am excited about further development. The game is what Quest 2 is missing! :D 


I just paid for this game I wanted to support this looks great but I can’t even side load it 


thanks, I'll try app lab support later

Will this be coming to PCVR? Would love to try it out. 

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already exists, you could search it on steam, it's free as well

Thanks :)

I wanted to ask,if theres going to be a difficulty setting because im having a little bit of trouble beating the maze.

the second maze is pretty difficult, I'll add a warning next time

am i able to play this without a pc?

yes, after you got this game installed on quest


how do i download it because it just becomes an apk

how do you uninstall just in case it doesn't pop up


you need to sideload it for now, I'll make a app lab support later


This game is absolutely outstanding, especially for an unfinished indie game on the Quest.

Not to be "That guy" though, but whats the deal with the walking animation? Lol

someone please help me with the cheat menu my brain is overheating

there's a cheat menu??

yeah there is

how do you access cheat menu?

You have to look at your right forearm, there should be a screen, after looking at that, tap that screen and a menu should pull up, it's all smoothe sailing from there. GL

im seeing it now, thanks

(1 edit)

Huh,theres no screen on my right forearm though...
Only on my left forearm theres the normal screen with the normal menu? Am I doing something wrong?
If the store is the cheat menu then I'd be surprised.

only complaint is that you don't unlock the sandbox immediately other wise great game

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